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As of Dec 31, 2008 the Law Society of Alberta has implemented client identification and verification rules which we are required to follow.  These rules require us to at a minimum IDENTIFY a client when retained to perform legal services of any nature and to VERIFY a client when the retainer results in the receipt, payment or transfer of funds on behalf of the client. INDENTIFICATION means: Name, Address and occupation.  If the client is a corporation, in addition: incorporation details, nature of the business, and a contact individual's title and contact information.   VERIFICATION is more onerous and can require attestation of the identity if personal identification cannot be verified in person.

EXEMPTIONS:  Lawyers who provide summary legal advice over the phone, and presumably by email, who are not subsequently retained in the traditional sense, do not trigger the application of the Rules. If, however, the lawyer charges fees or disbursements for summary advice in the context of a consultation, then the Rules will apply even if no ongoing retainer subsequently results.

We have experienced a high volume of inquiries to date. Responses are time consuming to prepare even for a simple inquiry and, to date, we have attempted to and, we will continue to attempt to make reasonable email responses free of charge as a courtesy to the public. We cannot guarantee a timely response to inquires and we suggest that you first review the earlier suggested links and those throughout our website which may answer your questions more expeditiously and more completely before seeking more specific detail from one of the contacts provided herein.

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